Afternoon delight

Having procrastinated for the best part of the afternoon about the location and distance of my afternoon walk. I decided it was too windy and bleak for a trek up Mt Taylor. On the drive home I stopped at Woden to check out the stock of waterproof hiking pants available at Kathmandu, I had a bit of trouble with the price of the plastic pants and resolved to look a little further tomorrow.

Now home I decided to knock the hoodoo off my ACT bird list. I must be the only birder in Canberra that has not ticked the rainbow lorrikeet. I mentioned this sad fact to my fellow birders at a weekend outing recently, only to be met with a very long pause, followed by recommendations of site close to my home where RL are regularly seen.

So armed with the ebird app on my phone I set off for a little park on the border of Fadden and Gowrie. It was still cold and windy but the rain had held off. I was in luck, an intrepid young birder was also in the park and kindly pointed out a tawny frogmouth on a nest. When I casually asked if he had seen any rainbow lorikeets he said yes there were 2 in the hollow of the gum tree just a few metres away just now. He had to go and  to do his weekly roost count near by. So I walked around the said tree looking for the elusive bird. Nothing , nil , zip. I decided that the pair had to still be in the park somewhere and the best plan of attack was to search the area on a grid pattern.  Needless to say in the dwindling light I saw the pair and wandered home with a very delighted smile on my face.

Author: mimfilip

Veni,vidi,tici. Middle aged + event manager living in Canberra. Enjoying my free time birdwatching, bush walking a travelling in my VW campervan.

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