After the rain, the first sign of Spring

On our sleety cold dog walk this afternnoon, I turned up this little beauty. A Wurmbea dioica as a treat. They are said said to be an early sign of warmer weather.

Fun fact: Early Nancies are Dioecious, meaning each plant is either male or female (although there are plenty of variations in between, with some plants being hermaphroditic and some sporting a flower or two with both parts).

Author: mimfilip

Forager, fermenter, pickler, baker, gardener, walker, runner, hiker, traveller, photographer, instagramer, blogger, nature lover, bird watcher, teacher, learner, feminist, wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, grandmother, reader, taster, tester and dog lover.

One thought on “After the rain, the first sign of Spring”

  1. Lovely find Mimflip of a beautiful little flower. I do love these tiny orchid-like flowers, often trodden on in parks. Apparently this flower does mark the beginning of Spring as one of the first flowering late August, so it is a little early as you said. Though it may want to go back in the ground after this blizzard-like weather this week as the August winds kick in.

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