Kinda Square

Kinda variegated fairy-wren

My first entry for Becky’s October Squares. I had seen old reports on social media of sightings of this pretty fairy-wren nearby.

As I had not ticked this species in our area and I was kinda keen to add it to my bird list.

Bins, camera, tripod loaded into the back of the car and the dog left kinda sulking on the verandah, I drove to the location north of town. My search started at the top of the track and it didn’t take long for me to get a sight of a flash of colour in a distant bush. I thought that it was strange that this normally flighty bird was so still.

I was kinda amused but also kinda amazed that someone had gone to so much trouble. I would kinda like to know if I was the only one to be so soundly tricked. Who would go to so much trouble?

Author: mimfilip

Forager, fermenter, pickler, baker, gardener, walker, runner, hiker, traveller, photographer, instagramer, blogger, nature lover, bird watcher, teacher, learner, feminist, wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, grandmother, reader, taster, tester and dog lover.

7 thoughts on “Kinda Square”

  1. Made me giggle – and so glad you were able to see the funny side 🙂

    A very very warm welcome to squares – delighted you could join us. And your square is brilliant


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