Airdried fruit is the best

Choc-chilli mango haystacks

Food is not my usual blog topic, but I couldn’t resist sharing these quick healthy treats with you. Today I had to take a dessert a friend’s house for lunch. This was an opportunity to spread the word about the wonderful air dried fruit my brother and his wife produce. For this recipe I used their airdried mango, kiwi fruit and papaya. The health benefit airdried fruit is that they don’t use sulphur dioxide in the drying process.

To the finely chopped dried fruit I also added shredded coconut. This was then mixed into,2 blocks of melted dark chocolate. I then spooned small haystacks onto a lined tray and topped with lime zest, chilli flakes and coarse sea salt before refrigerating for 30 minutes. This made 12 stacks. They transported really well.

I found the recipe in Ellie Bullen’s book The Global Vegan.

Rock pools

We don’t usually frequent the “little” beach near home in the afternoon. As Queenie gets distracted when there are families and other dogs in the vicinity. By distracted I mean she doesn’t listen to a thing I say. Our beach walks, usually all off leash and are done in the quiet of the early morning and on more deserted beaches.

The recent high tides have scoured the northern end of the beach uncovering this much loved rock pool. When my husband was a boyhe and his brother spent hours playing here as did our kids. Hopefully the pools will still be here when the grandchildren arrive next month.

2020 Photo Challenge #44

November’s theme for Jude’s Photo Challenge is Black and White.

I spied this garden and doorway down an alley while wandering around Braidwood’s main street today. I was originally captivated by the vibrant red of the door, completely missing the patterns and shadows bought out in the black and white version.