The business of Bliss – Ubud

lotus-2354642_1920My visit to Ubud got off to a very shakey start last Sunday. Life has now settled into a routine of exotic breakfasts, yoga, swimming, hiking, meditation and dinners of fresh locally grown delicacies.

Apart from sorting out our go-to place when the windows and door start rattling (under out sturdy dining table) and sleeping with a grab bag close to the bed, we have adjusted to the occasional earth tremor disturbing our sleep.

A daily yoga practice has improved my posture and gait. I now feel like I am suspended by a piece of string when I walk. The rains have come early and the nights are cool, each evening I visit the meditation centre next door for an hour. Ubud is truly a treat for all the senses, and I have another two weeks to enjoy.

Create A Space — Many Passions One Love

Create a space So full of love as to have no room for fear So full of clarity as to see eternity So full of silence so that all can be heard So free of judgement so all are safe Create it Hold it Expand it Regardless And observe Humanity transforms It’s a practice A […]

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The Daily Post WPC: Temporary

Empty nest syndrome


Parental responsibility is only a temporary stage for our resident Willie wagtail pair, they spend days crafting a beautiful nest. They then produce an even more beautiful egg. This is the second year that they have abandoned this nest.

Fortunately, last spring they successfully fledged a chick in their other nest in the nearby lemon tree.

Friday Ferment


My first batch of ginger and lemon twist kombucha is ready for 2nd frement and another 2 batches on the go.

I became interested in all things fermented while I was on the 5:2 diet for three months, during that time I also read Guilea Endes great book Gut – the inside story of our body’s most underrated organ. gut-by-gulia-enders

I came to the conclusion that my gut needed some more TLC and the easiest way was to make some lifestyle changes.  Introducing more probiotics into my diet was one of the most enjoyable changes I made.

I began with making my own sauerkraut and have only just ventured into brewing Kombucha. A bottle of the brew sells for $4 to $10 in the health food stores, locally.  Apart from the expense, I wasn’t sure of just how much probiotic is contained, so I decided to give making my own a go. I attended a workshop at the Canberra Environment Centre and found out all sorts of useful information. There is also lots of useful information on Pinterest and the internet. Kombucha recipes and information.

Just how good this brew will taste, only time will tell it should be ready next Friday.