Thursday Doors 22 Oct 2020

Thanks again to Norm.2 for hosting this great photo challenge.

This morning we took a drive 15 minutes north to the farming village of Bodalla. The first stop was the plant nursery to buy some seedlings to fill up a couple empty spots in the vegetable garden. Then a stop at the secondhand shop to see if they had any hardwood picture frames. This was very disappointing, as the shop had lots of stock that were poor quality and overpriced.

Bodalla has two very beautiful old churches; I was keen to shoot off some pics with my new lens at All Saints Anglican. There is always something tranquil when you visit a place of prayer, whether you are a believer of a higher power or not, there is no doubt some reason you find peace within yourself.

Kind of back to square one

My second post to October Squares challenge.

On Tuesday afternoon I finished my second last round of treatment for the follicular lymphoma a chronic blood condition that was diagnosed earlier this wonderful year. The post-treatment brain fog and listlessness usually only lasts for a few days but this time it hung around into the weekend, the energy that I had experienced last week was long gone.

On Saturday morning, I decided to take a bush walk down to the river on the farm’s western boundary. I often find that I can push myself through these bouts of listlessness and feel energised just to be outdoors.

The walk down was beautiful, lots of birds and wildflowers out after the rain and too early in the day for snakes. Sometimes we have to be cruel to be kind to our bodies and give ourselves a push out the door.

Thursday Doors – Oct 8, 2020

Boat shed on Forsters Bay, Narooma, NSW, Australia

I secretly covet this little shed. I can see myself just slipping in through the door to another world where all you can see are jetties, water, boats and birds. A perfect spot for a sundowner or two.

Outside my window

These masked lapwings nest in the yard next door every year. Hopefully, their second attempt at parenthood this spring will have a better outcome. The earlier brood fell victim to the neighbor’s cat. Mr. takes parenting seriously starting work on the new family the day after the massacre.