Rock pools

We don’t usually frequent the “little” beach near home in the afternoon. As Queenie gets distracted when there are families and other dogs in the vicinity. By distracted I mean she doesn’t listen to a thing I say. Our beach walks, usually all off leash and are done in the quiet of the early morning and on more deserted beaches.

The recent high tides have scoured the northern end of the beach uncovering this much loved rock pool. When my husband was a boyhe and his brother spent hours playing here as did our kids. Hopefully the pools will still be here when the grandchildren arrive next month.

Kind of back to square one

My second post to October Squares challenge.

On Tuesday afternoon I finished my second last round of treatment for the follicular lymphoma a chronic blood condition that was diagnosed earlier this wonderful year. The post-treatment brain fog and listlessness usually only lasts for a few days but this time it hung around into the weekend, the energy that I had experienced last week was long gone.

On Saturday morning, I decided to take a bush walk down to the river on the farm’s western boundary. I often find that I can push myself through these bouts of listlessness and feel energised just to be outdoors.

The walk down was beautiful, lots of birds and wildflowers out after the rain and too early in the day for snakes. Sometimes we have to be cruel to be kind to our bodies and give ourselves a push out the door.