Christmas holidays day 1

After a mind numbingly busy year that finished with managing 7 seven major events in four weeks, my long awaited holiday has finally began with a stay at my brother in laws’ shack near Narooma. I woke before dawn eager to get the day started. Sleeping in, sitting still and being idle is great, but I have to ease myself into it.

Today started with my favourite walk, from the shack to Brices Wharf via the Scenic Drive, about 3 kilometres one way, Paul left early to fish at the warf and I arrived intime for a lift home for breakfast.                                                               The light rain overnight left the bush smelling fragrant, its a shame that we aren’t able to record smells to share online. After breakfast we drove to Horse Island on the Tuross River for an a paddle.

I love to follow this little creek into the hidden inner lake, it’s s so narrow and shallow, its great that power boats aren’t able to navigate their way in.

I had been intrigued by this sign on previous paddles, wondering about who had naked it in the treee and what it once said.  I had assumed that the message had long gone. It was only when I enlarged the photo I realised that it was an epitaph to a cherished mate. There is definitely a story waiting to be told.

The birding on this section of the Tuross is alway good I managed to tick 24 species.

Welcome Swallow chicks

Weekend at the shack.

When you live in a city, long weekends are all about loading up the van and heading for the coast. This weekend the destination was my  brother in law’s  bush shack near Narooma. It’s like living in a tree house, with great music.


Tee pee on Z Tree
Scenic Drive
The Shack

Time to get back on the road

I am writing this after my last morning paddle up the river at Sandon, we have been here now for 14 days and tomorrow we need to point the Dusty Campervan south to be home by next weekend.

Paddling, is like a narcotic, calming, sleep inducing and addictive. I have paddled up river for several klms every morning with the tide and against it. I am sure come tomorrow I will have withdrawal symptoms. 
My bird list for our stay has notched 68 species, with hours spent in the mangroves  trying to decide if the honeyeaters were white cheeked or white throated or both. Every bend of the river is dotted with whistling kite and sea eagle nests. There is also a large nest in the Norfolk Island Pine above our van and this has been our pre dawn alarm clock, a sound that will always remind me of our holiday here.

Shacks, the old beach shacks at Sandon have a charm all of their own. Their owners fought with the National Parks to retain possession and won the case. Although, they now must remain within the title holders family or relinquished. 
In the photo below I am returning from my daily ride to the rubbish bins.

Mr P is always on the look out for someone to have a chat with, here he is with Sandon local identity Bobby. 

Tomorrow we will drive south calling into Red Rock and Mylestrom on our way to Crowdy Bay NP. We have eaten fish every day for 2 weeks, I am thinking a pizza might be on tomorrow night’s menu.