Thursday Doors 22 Oct 2020

Thanks again to Norm.2 for hosting this great photo challenge.

This morning we took a drive 15 minutes north to the farming village of Bodalla. The first stop was the plant nursery to buy some seedlings to fill up a couple empty spots in the vegetable garden. Then a stop at the secondhand shop to see if they had any hardwood picture frames. This was very disappointing, as the shop had lots of stock that were poor quality and overpriced.

Bodalla has two very beautiful old churches; I was keen to shoot off some pics with my new lens at All Saints Anglican. There is always something tranquil when you visit a place of prayer, whether you are a believer of a higher power or not, there is no doubt some reason you find peace within yourself.

Thursday Doors – Oct 8, 2020

Boat shed on Forsters Bay, Narooma, NSW, Australia

I secretly covet this little shed. I can see myself just slipping in through the door to another world where all you can see are jetties, water, boats and birds. A perfect spot for a sundowner or two.

Thursday Doors 24 September 2020

Foxglove & Co, Central Tilba, NSW

Now back from my Thursday excursion to gardens at Foxglove & Co in Central Tilba. I decided to wait and have lunch at home instead of at La Gallette the cute little french cafe up the road. Solo diners are not really encouraged at the moment, why seat 1 when you can seat 6. I will have to arrange another visit with some pals the food looked decedantly delicious.


Thursday Doors

Chris the owner of the Quarterdeck Bar, was a stalwart of support for the residents of Tilba Tilba during the summer bushfires. Now the pandemic, its great to see he stil has the energy and drive to give the boatshed a new lick of paint, before the next summer holiday season.

Quarterdeck, Narooma, NSW, Australia